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We love being wedding photographers. We also LOVE adventuring on the weekend just about as much as watching a good movie or show while cuddled up on the couch. Kenzie has a background as an art teacher and I’ve been taking pictures since I was little, the kids at school used to call me the “sunset king.” We love to spend time with one another and feel super lucky that we get to work together to capture love stories and spend time with peoples best day of their lives! Working as photographers is one of the best decisions we ever made.  We have found a love for photographing people in love in the epic and beautiful landscapes that are so close to our home.

Having gone through our own wedding and photographing hundreds of others, we know how special everything is during the day and want to make it is extra special for you. Capturing these memories is not something we take lightly and we look forward to capturing them for you!

We’re absolutely passionate about what we do. We like to think of our photographs as real copies of memories. That's why we incorporate film into every session.  It is the in-the-moment feeling, the raw emotion, and the look. It has helped us slow down and really think about who you are and why this frame would be important. 

If you want someone who is passionate about what they do and the experience and feeling that comes with it, let us work together to make it happen.

Hello! We're Dan & Kenzie 

Our story began on June 29th, 2015. We bumped into each other at a mutual friend's party and hit it off. We knew of each other from high school but had never met before this day. Our first date was July 4th and yes...there were fireworks! We were quickly falling for each other. Dan was heading away to school at the end of the summer and we were planning on trying out a long distance relationship until Dan surprised me with the best news of changing schools to live at home. We spent every moment we could together until Dan popped the question on December 4th, 2015!

We were married in the Salt Lake Temple on April 29th, 2016. We feel so blessed that we have the opportunity to work together. We remember the excitement of getting married and strive to capture that in each of our weddings. We believe that we capture the best images when we are together and hope you can see that through the work that we create.

We love working with any and all people, belief systems, styles, we just want to tell your love story! So reach out and let's make that happen! 

Our Love Story

Kenzie and I have loved traveling together since we got married. We've been to so many places all across the US and abroad, separately and together. Just since being married we've been to 15 different states and several countries. Our favorite trip was an 18 day road trip through California, Oregon, Washington, and then up to Canada, back through Montana to Utah. It was truly amazing to experience 

Kenzie as traveled extensively in Europe and I lived in London for 5 months. We love traveling together and exploring and experiencing new places, people, and cultures and would love to take you to epic spots or come with you to yours!

We LOVE to explore new places.

Travelling together

Kenzie and I both grew up in homes where food was always important and we always had good meals growing up. Kenzie has taken up a major talent (probably from all the years of watching Food Network), and is an amazing cook. Yes, I definitely gained weight since we got married. It's the best weight possible! This cake to the right was by far one of my favorites she's ever made! Vanilla cake with berry custard filling, fudge, and cream on top!

We love being together, cooking meals at home in the evenings. It's definitely what we're doing if we're not working and we love a good night in on the couch with a good meal and a show.

Good meals are the BEST. 

We also, LOVE being home & cooking 

Utah is by far one of the hidden gems in the United States. We're so lucky to live here and be able to visit such diverse places close to home. It's what we call a temperate desert. We're able to experience the full 4 seasons here and it's always changing. 

We're amazed that we can take off and drive a couple hours and be in amazing slot canyons, or go hop in a lake at 10,000 feet in the Uintas, or go out to the Great Salt Lake for a sunset. The options are endless here and we love exploring on the weekends we have free. Our favorite place to hike is definitely Arches and Canyonlands. P.S. don't go during the summer, go in early spring or late fall! 

We love exploring all the amazing spots locally.

Hiking & Exploring Utah

Our Favorite Things

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