We love being wedding photographers. We also LOVE adventuring on the weekend just about as much as watching a good movie or show while cuddled up on the couch. Kenzie has a background as an art teacher and I’ve been involved in art and photography since the early 2000's, the kids at school used to call me the “sunset king”, I was known to take pictures of the sunset every single night. We love to spend time with one another and feel super lucky that we get to work together to capture love stories and spend time with peoples best day of their lives! We have found a love for photographing people in love in the epic and beautiful landscapes that are so close to our home.

Having gone through our own wedding and photographing hundreds of others, we know how special everything is during the day and want to make it is extra special for you. Capturing these memories is not something we take lightly and we look forward to capturing them for you! We’re absolutely passionate about what we do. We like to think of our photographs as real copies of memories. That's why we incorporate film into every session. It is the in-the-moment feeling, the raw emotion, and the look. It has helped us slow down and really think about who you are and why this frame would be important. If you want someone who is passionate about what they do and the experience and feeling that comes with it, let us work together to make it happen.

Dan & McKenzie Page are the best photographers! They went out of their way to change locations last minute for our bridals because of a crazy storm, were very personable, easy to work with, fun, and they captured the small, meaningful moments that many others would overlook.

Their photography style is timeless and elegant. We love looking at our wall or flipping through our wedding album and seeing the moments that they captured perfectly. They truly cared about us and helped make our day so special.

Skypark Airport | Bountiful, UT

Audrey & Connor

"They do a flawless job at capturing the most intimate & essential details of that wonderful day"  Your wedding day becomes a huge blur where many details are left out of your memory because of the many things going on. Dan and Kenzie do a flawless job at capturing the most intimate and essential details of that wonderful day.

Not only do they capture these moments in a beautiful way, but they also are the most fun and caring people to work with. They make taking pictures so comfortable and fun! 

Snowbasin Resort | Morgan/Ogden, UT

Aubrey & Hayden

"They captured every detail of our wedding day beautifully." I would highly recommend Dan Page Photography. We did our engagements, bridals and wedding day photos and we are so pleased! 

They were so kind and easy to work with and made us feel comfortable and important the entire time.
Our bridals turned out stunningly. We had so many options to choose from!  

Brighton Resort | Brighton, UT

Annelise & Mike

"They made it so fun and the pictures turned out stunningly beautiful" Dan and Kenzie were absolutely amazing. They made it so fun and the pictures turned out stunningly beautiful. We love the photos so much. We were a little nervous about our photogenic abilities, since cameras make my husband super nervous, but Dan and Kenzie were so easy to work with and we felt relaxed and the nerves went away. 100% would recommend!

Newport Beach Temple | Newport Beach, CA

Kaden & Tatiana

We felt like he cared about us as people & wanted to make our day as special as possible. Dan was the best photographer for our wedding day! We felt like he cared about us as people and wanted to make our day as special as possible. He was kind but authoritative enough to get large groups together for pictures. 

He became a close friend instead of just a photographer.

Salt Lake Temple | Salt Lake City, UT

Jaden & Eric

"They made the wedding day stress free"

Dan and Kenzie are amazing!! They got all the pictures we wanted and captured them stunningly. We are so happy with their work, and we couldn’t have gone with better photographers. They were able to work with our busy schedules, and they made the wedding day stress free. They were on top of getting all the photos that mattered to us! Not only are they amazing photographers, they are amazing people as well! We love them!!

Downtown Wedding | Salt Lake City, UT

Libby & Colton

Kind Words

We feel our style is bold, colorful, and timeless. A little bit of class mixed with adventure. We believe in capturing authentic images and moments that represent you as a couple. We also believe in keeping true to color and giving you a final product that you will look back on and love for generations to come. We have devoted most of our lives to honing our craft and making it the absolute best it can. 

Each session and wedding that we photograph, we take to heart and want to create an experience for you that you will forever remember. From the first time you talk with us until the end of your wedding day it should be an experience like none you’ve had before. As you can tell we, like to be out in nature and photograph you on a little adventure. We won’t hike six miles unless you want to, but love finding the adventures close to where you live.

We use analog film alongside our digital images, which helps us slow down and really focus on creating memorable and long lasting art. We love the color and emotion that comes from film. The process helps us really think about each image we take. Most of the images you see and stand out are film, film is an add-on for wedding days, but is included in pre-wedding sessions.

We truly believe in creating an experience that you will not forget. We want to become your friends and be along to capture your love story. 

the experience

We MAKE it
easy, fun, & relaxed; period.

As Seen In

the collections


-Full Day Coverage (up to 10 hours)
-Engagement Session anywhere within CON U.S.
-Formal Session or Honeymoon Session
-Second Photographer
-10 spread 10x10 leather wedding album
-2 4x4 linen parent albums 
-16x20 Framed Fine Art Print
 -Online viewing gallery with high resolution 
images for printing (50+ images per hour)
-Travel is included



-8 hours of coverage
-Engagement Session anywhere within CON U.S.
-Formal Session or Day After Session
-Second Photographer
-10 spread 10x10 linen wedding album
-16x20 Fine Art Print
 -Online viewing gallery with high resolution
images for printing (50+ images per hour)
-Travel is included



-7 hours of coverage
-Engagement Session AND Formal/Day After Session 
-11x14 Framed Fine Art Print
 -Online viewing gallery with high resolution
images for printing (50+ images per hour)
-Travel not included   




Additional Wedding Coverage - $350/hour
Bridal/Formal/Day After Session - $480
Engagement Session - $380

Custom packages are available upon request 
**A 7.25% sales tax will be added to all packages and options
***Travel fees may apply to locations outside of 60 miles from
Salt Lake City. Ask for details.

-5 hours of coverage
-Engagement Session OR Formal/Day After Session
-2, 11x14 Fine Art Prints  
 -Online viewing gallery with high resolution
images for printing (50+ images per hour)
-Travel is not included



-4 hours of coverage
-Engagement Session OR Formal/Day After Session 
-8x10 Fine Art Print
 -Online viewing gallery with high resolution
images for printing (50+ images per hour)
-Travel not included   




Handcrafted Albums are the perfect way to remember your wedding day

Wedding albums are so important to preserve memories for a lifetime or longer. This is really what you will look at over time, just think what will you hold onto for 10,20,30 years? A USB or photos on a computer? This becomes a piece of one of the most important moments of your lives to show future generations.

20 page (10 spread) 10x10 album

Linen: $950 for Linen
Leather: $1150
Additional 2-page Spread: $55

Photos/albums/keepsakes are really the only things you are able to keep after the wedding is said and done. This is why we consider them an investment and work to make these albums the best the can be, taking out an album is much easier than having to search for digital files. And truth be told, digital copies can be lost. As much as everyone trusts in electronic media to store important files, it’s imperative to remember that e-files can get lost, corrupted or deleted.


(8x8, 20 pages or 10 spreads) 

Linen: $450 each for Linen
Leather: $700 each
Additional 2-page Spread: $40 each



engagement sessions

These sessions make time to capture your love together, allow each of you and us to get to know each other better and be comfortable before the wedding day. 

Engagement Sessions are the perfect way for us to get to know you. It’s also the best way for you to get comfortable with us, our shooting style, and being in front of the camera. The wedding day can be very formal, this session is designed and meant to be casual, fun, relaxed, and easy-going, allowing us to really capture your love story. So many people feel scared or nervous when a camera is pointed in their direction! If you're one of those people who goes stiff and awkward in front of the lens, do not fear. Once you have a chance to get used to being photographed by us and relax  with the process, you'll be amazed at how comfortable you can feel, it'll become second nature by the wedding day! 

formal or day after sessions

These sessions are the perfect choice if you'd like to have more time and control over couple portraits in your wedding attire, either before the wedding day or the day after.

Bridal/Formal, Day After or Adventure Sessions are the best way to capture beautiful images of you both in your wedding day attire before the day itself. Leaving it open for prints to be displayed on the wedding day and for you to go to a unique/high adventure location that we can’t access on the wedding day. Usually the wedding day leaves little to no room for formal portraits. This opens up your day so that you can focus on the important events. Bridal or Formal sessions are meant to include the couple and can include a first look at no cost to you. Some of our collections include a formal/bridal session. 

Do you have a retainer and is it refundable?

The $500 retainer is part of the collection prices. These retainers are non-refundable and are due upon booking. The retainer is used to hold the date and time of the session/wedding exclusively for you. If you decide to cancel, the retainer can be put towards any session within the same calendar year as the original date.


Can we bring people to engagement, bridal or portrait session? 

We only suggest bringing people if you feel that they are absolutely necessary for the session, aka hair, makeup artist, stylist, etc. It usually adds more stress to your session for us and you, to bring parents. If you need someone to be there or if someone wants to be there, you need to be very comfortable with them being present. They are to observe only and let us do our job as we see fit. They cannot interrupt us and need to let us create and capture these moments that you have entrusted in us to capture. 


Can you shoot JUST our engagement or bridal session if you’re not available for our wedding?

Yes we do, although we would be super sad to not be with you through your wedding journey! We fully believe in a cohesive wedding image collection for each of our clients so that you have the best wedding day experience possible. 


How do you accept payment?

We accept payment in the form of any credit or debit card through an online payment and invoicing system. It is completely encrypted and secure. If you can only pay by check, we only accept cashier or certified checks. We do not do trades.


What kind of equipment do you shoot with and is it insured?

We shoot with various digital cameras, mainly Nikon professional systems. We also use various instant, 35mm and medium format film cameras, Pentax, Polaroid and Nikon systems. We are licensed and insured. Our insurance covers clients, us, gear, and images on and off location. This is to protect our clients as much as it protects us. If you need proof of insurance, please reach out to us via email.


Does it cost to have you travel?

Yes it does. Anything 60+ miles from Kaysville, Utah has a travel fee. This starts at $60. Travel is always included in quotes. Please reach out if you have specifics or if you have any special travel plans.


How many images can we expect from our wedding or engagement session?

Every wedding and session is completely unique. We do not state the amount of images we deliver in the guide but, you can expect 50+ edited images per hour of coverage. Typically our portrait sessions are around 60+ and our weddings are typically 300+ images. You will also receive black and white copies. 


How long until we can expect to see our photos from our wedding or session?

We have a 9 week turnaround for wedding day images, but typically we deliver them on your one-month anniversary. Sometimes we send out sneak peaks earlier. We deliver albums within 4-6 weeks and prints within 1-2 weeks. Portrait sessions are within 2 weeks.


What do we do if it’s bad weather at our portrait session or wedding day?

Sometimes moody weather makes for the best images! We usually will not photograph you if there is a chance of dangerous or extreme weather. We typically reschedule to the earliest available date and time. If there is bad weather on your wedding day, we make the most of it and find locations that are better suited to create beautiful images. 


Can we split up coverage time?

If you book less than 5 hours, no. Those hours need to be in succession for us to maximize our time most effectively. If you book more than 5 hours than yes it can be split up throughout the day. We require all out of state or international weddings be at least 5 hours.


Do your prices include tax?

Prices listed in this guide do not include 7.25% Utah State Sales tax, but tax will be included in the online invoicing and list of payments. 


Do you retain all copyright? Does that mean we can’t share the photos?

We do retain copyright as the creators of the original photograph and art, but we do grant a print release for all sessions so that you can print and share the images on social media. We just ask that you do not alter the images in any way when posting or printing them, besides cropping.

If you need clarification on copyright, please reach out. 


Can we have the unedited images or RAW’s from our shoot?

We do not give out RAW or un-edited images. Just like any other artist wouldn’t give you an unfinished painting or a potter wouldn’t give you wet clay. This is to protect the integrity of our work. We professionally guarantee that we will deliver the best finished product that we possibly can.


Do you post everything online?

We do not post every single shoot online or on social media, this does not mean we did not like your session if we do not post it. This is because we like to control what represents our business and brand online. If you feel like you would not want your images online or have other legal issues we may have a fee + a NDA form for us both to sign as that may control how we market ourselves.


Can we bring our dog? Can we bring props?

Yes of course! We love pets and are totally willing to have them along for the adventure, as long as they are well behaved and will respond to your commands. We are always down for props as long as they do not interfere with the session or are extreme in nature. If you have specific props or ideas, just let us know.


Thank you so much for considering us to be a part of your wedding day! If you’re interested in working with us, the next step is to set up a time to chat!

You can reach us directly at dan@danpagephotography.com
or call/text 801-750-9675 or 801-928-6559

thank you!